Saturday, February 23, 2013

Moa birds!


Look what I got for Christmas. I know, lucky.
This would be my pick for Book of the Year in the NZ Post Book Awards, by a country mile, or it would be if it were eligible. Unfortunately, both Buller and Keulemans share the unfortunate circumstance of being long dead which apparently disqualifies their work from consideration, whether or not live editors have slaved away at the compilation of the content. That's the way it works on the literary side of the ledger, anyway, where posthumously published work has been in recent years declared ineligible, in a decision arguably aimed specifically at excluding Janet Frame's work from award nominations. Last year the new rules excluded all edited volumes of work by dead authors such as selections of letters and anthologies (coincidentally there was one book disqualified in 2012: an anthology of Frame's non-fiction). In earlier years, compilations of the writings of dead authors (eg Mansfield, Hyde, etc) were included for consideration. I wonder if edited volumes will be excluded this year or if the new new rules have been tweaked once again to allow specific books to be declared "in" or "out" depending on literary politics.

Buller’s Birds of New Zealand: The complete work of JG Keulemans.
Publication date: October 2012
Foreword by Stephen Fry
Publisher: Te Papa Press

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