Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday Poem: 'The Gap' by Peter Olds

Under the Dundas Street Bridge
by Peter Olds
As I go into the doctor's rooms
there's a man coming out holding
what appears to be a prescription
& looking worried, like a man does
when money slips through his hands
through no fault of his own other
than he owns the gap between his
fingers that medical science, with all
its wisdom & drugs, can't fix.
Peter Olds
'The Gap' appears in the new volume Under the Dundas Street Bridge (2012) published by Steele Roberts, Wellington, New Zealand. ISBN: ISBN: 9781877577833. Price: NZ$20.
Ask your favourite bookstore to stock this title (if it doesn't already) or obtain it direct from the publisher:

 Thanks to Peter Olds for kind permission to reproduce this poem.
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