Sunday, September 2, 2012

Experience necessary

No challenge left untested.
I still wonder sometimes, where did he come from?
What name did he go by before we gave him one?
What went wrong?
How did he come to be lost and far from home?
His penchant for risky behaviour no doubt got him into trouble.
Maybe he hopped into the back of a truck and was accidentally relocated?
According to a book that I was reading about Abyssinian cats, inviting one into your family is only recommended for "the experienced cat owner".
They're high maintenance. They bore easily, and love to get involved in whatever you're doing.
They will come out for a walk with you, and they'll fetch things you throw.
Dare I say it, they seem to be almost as much puppy as kitten.

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Jenny Woolf said...

Wonderful and rather amazing picture! I believe Burmese cats are a bit like this too.