Monday, November 21, 2011

The TEAGATE tape: what doesn't John Key want you to know?

The New Zealand general election happens later this week. This year there's a clear choice between a selfish right wing National-led Government with a prime minister whose secret comments are so objectionable he uses "his" police force to try to keep the public from hearing them; and a return to a Labour-led government in cooperation with the Greens and the Mana party and anyone else to whom asset sales are anathema (looks like that means Winnie the Comeback King).

My own hope is that this time next week we will have an MMP government that is willing and able to put the needs of all the people before the greeds of a privileged few.


The most recent Horizon Poll (which is the only reliable major political poll currently being taken in that it takes into account undecided voters and uses a representative sample) shows that the two opposing camps are neck and neck and that when the minor parties are taken into account, the results may well be too close to call.

But the rabidly right wing media continue to crow over bogus poll results, comparing popularity counts for the major parties as if MMP didn't exist, and discounting potential coalitions.

They know well that neither a left-led nor a right-led government is a dead cert, and yet they continue to try to deceive the public into believing that a National win is a foregone conclusion. They try to shore up this impression by continually trying to turn the whole election into a popularity contest between the figureheads of the major parties, and by evading or ridiculing rigorous discussion on the actual idealogical issues.

Another way that the mainstream media in NZ show their usual Tory bias is in that they don't call TEAGATE by its proper name: TEAGATE. They spin it as "a storm in a teacup", and "the tea party tapes", - and these are the same journos who leaped on the most spurious hiccups in Helen Clark's career and trumpeted them as whatever-gate.

One telling comparison is the recent event where John Key joked and chattered through a solemn minute's silence. He didn't know about it, he later claimed, and the patsy media have let him get away with it.

Compare that to their response to Helen Clark when her chauffeur was caught out speeding. Helen Clark was in the back of the car working on papers yet the whole affair was deemed "speed-gate" by the media - as if Clark was responsible personally - and they still go on about it, years later, whenever they feel their precious right wing regime is slipping in popularity.

But, flunkies that they are, they mildly accepted that Mr Key could so misread the public occasion he was appearing at, that he didn't notice the silence and the grief and the bowed heads of the crowd. That's OK then.... Prince John can do no wrong in their eyes.

Let's hope the voters are as sick of their hypocrisy and his cynicism as I am.

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