Monday, November 14, 2011

Pepero Day on Steroids

Every year in South Korea on the 11th of November, it's Pepero day. Pepero being a chocolate-covered pretzel manufactured by Lotte. 11/11. Get it? Looks like pretzels! Of course this unique version of Valentine's Day was invented for commercial purposes but it has stuck. And it's huge, especially among the young people. When I was teaching in South Korea my students exchanged gift boxes, and teachers and professors were also included in the affectionate outpouring of choco sticks!

So I find it easy to remember Pepero Day every year even back here in New Zealand. And now that there is a larger Korean population here, with a rise in Korean grocery stores, one is easily able to find a box of Pepero sticks should one so desire.

This is the sweet choco biscuit face of gangster capitalism.

Well of course just a few days ago Pepero Day was an even bigger deal than usual: 11/11/11.

Fingers say: 11.11.11

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Isabel Doyle said...

I have it on good authority that once a box of sticks is opened it must be consumed in a single sitting, by the opener ...