Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday Poem: Spring in Dunedin

Chairman Miaou exhorts a thousand Tuesday Poets to blossom

Spring in Dunedin

is like a message from the central authorities
that there is more to life
than woollen socks and substance abuse

is an enthusiastic lover
who wakes early to examine the face of
a sleeping partner

is just
the slow delicious thaw
of an expected frost

by Pamela Gordon

(from Under Flagstaff: An Anthology of Dunedin Poetry University of Otago Press 2004)

More Tuesday poems can be found at: the Tuesday Poem Blog. The Tuesday poem posted on that blog today is by one of the very best New Zealand poets of all time, Kendrick Smithyman.

A scribbler such as myself could be overwhelmed by a great poet like Smithyman's talent and significance, and be cowed into silence, but I am heartened by the popular phrase "Let a thousand flowers bloom", an affirmation evolved from Chairman Mao's injunction to "Let a hundred flowers blossom". Only a hundred? Make that thousands of Tuesday poets!

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Isabel Doyle said...

Lovely thought to have the poets bloom. Does Chairman Maow write poetry for publication?

(typed with one hand because Wolfe is on my knee and the other hand needed to hold the computer ... )