Friday, September 23, 2011

A hot time in the old town tonight

Hello there! What I'm reading is an incredibly fascinating and well-designed new book about one of my favourite subjects:

VOLCANOES OF AUCKLAND: THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE by Bruce W Hayward, Graeme Murdoch and Gordon Maitland (Auckland University Press 2011).

I grew up in Auckland on a ridge near the Onepoto crater and skinned my knees on scoria many a time. But there's so much new to learn and this book is just a delightful combination of education and enjoyment. There are maps, lists, artists' impressions, historical and scientific facts and conjectures with useful illustrations and all organized in pleasantly logical ways. "The essential guide" is not a misleading subtitle at all. There are some reassuring facts about the scope of future eruptions and the amount of likely warning time, but plenty of room for a touch of frisson also...

The book won't die while there are books like these around that feel good to hold and look at and read through.


Claire at Latitude said...

Isn't it good? I've found it fascinating on the volcanoes we know (there's something unforgettable about those of our childhood) as well as the ones we don't know. Mt Hobson (Remuwera) is the main volcano of my childhood, but I've also had significant relationships with Mt St John, Mt Eden/Maungawhau, One Tree Hill/Maungakiekie, Mt Albert/Owairaka.

The Paradoxical Cat said...

Yes, so much depends on the design and organisation of a book - and this one is done with a careful regard for the reader.

PS I was born on the slopes of Takuranga (Mt Victoria).