Friday, July 15, 2011

Books acquired recently

Martin Edmond's Dark Night: Walking with McCahon - One of my favourite authors on the subject of one of my favourite artists. What's not to love? But I haven't had a look in as Schroedinger grabbed this one first. Looking forward to it. Artandmylife has posted a great review.

Michael King The Silence Beyond edited by Rachael King. I was close to Michael and he emailed me as he was about to leave the house on the morning of his fateful trip. Not taking my laptop, he said, but in the unlikely event of an emergency I have my cell phone with me. He did take his laptop as it turned out, and there wasn't just an emergency, there was a tragedy. Fortunately Michael was better organised than many of us and he had backups and printouts of his work back at home, it wasn't all lost with his computer in the disastrous car crash and fire, so his daughter Rachael was able to gather together some unpublished and uncollected pieces for this volume. Reading this book has been a poignant experience for me as I shared a few of Michael's journeys. All the same I was quite shocked to find my name in the index.

Well, history is all our story, his story, her story, my story.

Dear Sweet Harry by Lynn Jenner. Glad I found this. It is truly fascinating, unique. Autobiography, poetry, fiction. Highly recommended.

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