Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Longest Night

Well there goes mother nature restless again. Just a few minutes ago another major Christchurch 'aftershock' that rocked the whole South Island as you see above by the quake drum.

I have to say it looks worse than the 5.3 it has been provisionally declared.

Oh Christchurch, what is to be done with you on the longest night of the year, with power cuts again?

Here's the ChCh drum, looking like the place is in constant motion:

And here's Dunedin's nearest available drum image showing that here further south we've gone out in sympathy:

Wishing everyone a safe winter solstice. Or summer solstice, if you're on the other side of the planet.


Isabel Doyle said...

safe and still ...

Timothy Cahill said...

Dear ST, thank you for your post. The hardship Christchurch has been enduring is heartbreaking. To spread the word, I've linked to your site in my blog Art & Document: http://documentaryarts.blogspot.com/
Prayers to all.