Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oh My Godwits

What I'll miss when I move away: the godwits.

Last saw them in early March, they were fat, and red, in breeding costume, ready to fly away on that mad long journey. It was what I've come to think of as 'godwit weather', grey, misty, drizzly, and as almost always here, pretty windy. They're not easy to spot - they blend in so well with the sand and the edge of the tide that they are almost transparent.

I think they left around about then. Last year I was lucky enough to see them go - in their flying wedge, circling once then climbing away.

That was just a day or so before the terrible quake and tsunami in Japan.

I worry about them. Where were they when the East Asian catastrophes were at their worst? Have they flown through any radioactivity? have their stopover feeding grounds been destroyed or contaminated?

We heard that the Japanese tsunami killed thousands of albatrosses at Midway atoll near Hawaii.

What else has been and will be the cost to wildlife from the earthquake and tsunami? Especially from the dangerous radioactivity pouring into the sea?

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