Thursday, March 3, 2011


Two years to the day since the elderly eponymous tabby died, we decided to allow ourselves to be adopted by the young tabby that had walked in to our kitchen one minute before the devastating Canterbury earthquake hit, at 12.51pm on the 22nd February.

I believe you have a vacancy, he said, and demanded to be fed. He ate hungrily while our house rocked from the shock waves emanating from a catastrophe happening hundreds of kms away.

We never thought we would get another cat. But the agency knows best, and even delivered almost the exact same model of cat as our beloved tabby. This one has some exotic genes as well as the tabby markings, but then don't they all. They're all descended from the egyptian gods.

*Hat tip to Dan for suggesting the name 'Cantabby' x

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sas said...

Cantabby appears to be smiling. Probably knows he has you firmly wrapped around his paw :)