Friday, February 25, 2011

Tabby lost and found

FOUND: skinny, hungry young tabby. How did this divine creature get to be all alone out at the beach?

It's friendly, house trained and a very civilised houseguest, polite, purring, intelligent. Strong abyssinian features, long in legs and body, a muscly powerful animal. Did I mention hungry?

What a fine cat! has the agency sent us our new Tabby? Well, we thought so until he went out onto the sandflats and harrassed a flock of oystercatchers (they breed in the paddocks behind our house) making them scream in alarm and all fly off in a cloud. What if he did that to the godwits? What if he went for the young ducks and swans?

Who would dump a hunting cat here within a few kilometres of albatross and penguin chicks?

And he seems to be looking for his home. I hope we can find him a home, if not the one he has lost. Somewhere a little less close to vulnerable wildlife.

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