Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Farewell Tiger

For Pablo Neruda, the tabby cat was the "minimal drawing-room tiger" (line from 'Oda El Gato').

The year of the Tiger was more than a tame pussycat for me, it was a roaring beast and a wild ride. Oh I hated most of it. Am I wiser? Am I more balanced? Did I learn from my mistakes. and has merely surviving the horrors of it, made me a better person, has it given me a sense of achievement and triumph? Hmmmm...

Might be too early to tell. For now I'd rather say good riddance you nasty clawing monster 2010. Hello cuddly bunny big-ears! Welcome!

Chinese astrological Horse that I am, apparently the Tiger year is meant to be an up and down time of reversible fortunes for me, and so it was.

I remember back to the last time there was a Tiger year 12 years ago, and, is it my imagination? Was it just as crazy? Just as awful? Didn't I have appallingly bad health that year too, but didn't I also soldier through and reach success, as well as the occasional sudden prominence - unfortunately attracting the most vicious envies and resentment, as well as personal betrayals and unfair public attacks?

Sure, there were fabulous things that happened, high profile things, for good and ill. I had a guest spot in a New Yorker blog, surely a high point for a mousy-coloured tabby... but on the other hand the NZ Listener and National Radio's Kim Hill both enabled some well-plotted slanderous attacks on my good name... But there was high profile support and praise too. Quite a roller coaster. I didn't deserve any of it. Just leave me alone all of you, I need to lick my wounds.

Swings and Roundabouts. And it just goes to show, don't get a swelled head when it's going well, and be don't be destroyed by vindictive personal attacks. I believe there is a Kipling quote that fits the bill. I quite like Kipling, he is always helpful when conditions are extreme. I wish I could afford to be snide about his platitudes, that would mean I was having a quiet year...

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