Monday, February 14, 2011

ADHD kids get 'shoddy' diagnosis

That was the headline in the Sunday Star Times yesterday. Good to see criticism of over-diagnosing and misdiagnosing of fad disorders.

The main factor seems to be that an 'easy' diagnosis is done by observing a few stereotyped cliches of behaviour, making assumptions and jumping to conclusions, and negative evidence is overlooked.

Would be good to see a focus on the blatant misuse of the term ASD as well (autism spectrum disorder). At the flakiest edges of the autism cult, every single human being is on the so-called "spectrum". If 100% of people have it, how useful a term is 'ASD' to those of us who have a loved one who is really affected by autism?

Food for thought, alternative definitions:

ADHD = Already Diagnosed by His Dad

ASD = Anyone Slightly Different

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