Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Longest Days

A lingering sunset a couple of days ago, photographed at about 10 past 10 pm. At this time of year the Southern New Zealand city of Dunedin gets almost an hour more daylight than the cosmopolitan northern city of Auckland. The delightful late twilights are one of the very good things about living here. There are many others. We don't have mosquitoes or ants here. We can see the Southern Lights and way more stars. We don't have to worry about volcanoes. I'm not in a mood to talk about the negatives. I'll get back to you about that in winter time (which could be next week...)

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Timothy Cahill said...

A belated thank you for this lovely picture. I had the sublime pleasure of spending nearly three weeks in Dunedin last June and have been dreaming of it since. The snow where I am is up to my hips, and not long ago we had temperatures of -20 C. Just now we're in the midst of an ice storm. You don't mind if I partake of your summer vicariously, I trust?