Wednesday, October 27, 2010

An ambitious building project

Here (above) is Supervisor Sparrow watching her male tug on a ridiculously large stalk of dry grass as he laboriously pulls it in under the corrugated iron of our neighbour's roof.

The Sparrow family is a sprawling dynasty that supplies endless delightful year-round entertainment to us.

Right now the viewing is x-rated as the courting couples carry out their copulation. (No photo I'm afraid. In any case it's "blink and you miss it" stuff.)

And then, as spring follows winter, the birds are kept busy building their sprawling nurseries.

The snapshot below was taken a few moments earlier than the one above. It shows how large the stalk of dry grass was. I've never quite seen such a grandiose undertaking from such a small bird. A Sparrow Gus is not visible; he's tugging the stalk in, while being carefully watched by the matriarch.

Here is a link to a pic of Gus in late 2009, bringing what we thought of at the time as a large plank back to the nest. He has outdone himself in 2010!

Overheard in the supermarket

"I live next door to him on Farmville."

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Not all cats are black

and not all poetry rhymes.

Every self-respecting Tabby knows that.

Here's an excellent article by Emma Neale, who edits the weekly Monday's Poem in the Otago Daily Times. I'm guessing Emma has read one-too-many furious letters to the editor complaining about the new-fangled non-rhyming rubbish that passes for poetry these days.

Great argument.