Monday, September 13, 2010

The Merbunny

We first saw the merbunny nearly a year ago, while we were returning home from the city to our new beach house late at night, driving along the narrow road, harbour on one side, steep cliffs on the other.

What was that our car lights had picked up, running across the road in front of us from the sea wall to the sheer clay bank? A rabbit? Where had it been? On that side there was only a rock wall and the sea below!

It's a mer-rabbit, not brer-rabbit, we joked, not quite sure if we could believe our eyes. But once or twice in the year since, we have spotted a similar sight at a similar spot. A rabbit, either running to or from the little rock beach.

Was it really a merbunny family? Were they feasting on the sea lettuce?

And then the other day we acquired photographic evidence: down below the road, among the rocks and the seaweed, was the merbunny...


Belle said...

Maybe he just loves the sound of the ocean. Cute little guy.

Vanda Symon said...

I remember seeing on the TV programme Coast about hares that inhabited a rocky area of coast and grazed on the seaweed.