Thursday, July 1, 2010

Twitterday the 1st of Bono

Yesterday's Woden's Day of the month of Juno ticked over to today's Thor's Day of the month of Julius.

I am so over days and months named after ancient gods and emperors - aren't you?

Let's throw them all out and have an internet poll where everybody gets to vote for new names.

For the days of the week, we could probably keep Moon Day and Sun Day - they're nice - and maybe add a Star Day and an Earth Day. Although the science fiction fans will want to call that one Terra Day. And greenies will want to call it Gaia Day.

In true 21st century style, we'll let the majority txt vote decide...

For the sake of tradition we should keep some gods in the days of the week. The Muslims will want a slot I guess, although they'll probably argue amongst themselves about whether any particular name is blasphemous or not.

If we just had one God-Day, then everybody who believes in a God could just think that was their one, that would save a few other slots for the graven idols so many of the rest of us worship.

Well, and there could be a Buddha Day, and well, anyway, let the peeps decide!

There'll be more slots left over for prophets and deities and their offspring in the names of the months.

It really annoys me that our current label for the 12th month, December, really means "tenth". So first off let's sort that mess out. If we must number them, let's get it right.

Personally I like "January" - that's quite clever naming it for the deity that looks forward as well as back.

But it's open slather on all the others. Julius Augustus just doesn't mean much any more, for heaven's sake.

What's big these days? The current equivalent of emperors and minor deities?

Google, or McDonalds? Harry Potter, Twilight. Fifa. Disney?

Time for an overhaul. You heard it here first.

White rabbits!

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Vanda Symon said...

I love the way your mind works!