Saturday, July 17, 2010

"Solidarity Forever"

Nothing gets the left wing back out on the streets quicker than a looming threat to the rights of workers. Today at very short notice, Dunedin unionists and activists from a variety of political parties and persuasions gathered to raise their voices in a fervent objection to the prospect of a shift to the hard right in the workplaces of New Zealand.

Lots of flags and impassioned speeches. This overlord National/Act/Maori Party Government - that won't be happy until they have instated a situation approximating the slave labour we see in some coutnries - hasn't seen the last of this.

If only we can keep the usual left wing sectarian pettiness out of the mix, that is. Otherwise there will be more ego preening and bickering than barricading, and the elite class always delight in that, they count on it...

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