Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Blog of One's Own

It's two years today since I made my first post here on the Tabby's Blog.

"Does the world really need another blog?" I called it, and answered my own question: "Apparently so."

Thanks for coming here to read sporadic and (usually) brief musings or observations on cats, grief, language, poetry, feminism, politics, trains, birds, restaurant meals, and travel... etc...

I honestly don't look at the stats very often, or care about how many readers I get, but at times there have inexplicably been more readers than might be expected for such a slight 'web log'.

I think it's the cats - cat lovers just can't get enough of cats. (That's how I feel!)

Unfortunately the Magnificent eponymous Tabby passed away last year (or so I think - she's in Schroedinger's Box now and there's no way to tell) and since then the blog has tended more to the birdy than catty.

Anyways, I'm very very grateful for this forum and for the fact that as far as I know none of my stalkers have found me here - or if they have, they haven't bombarded the Tabby with any of the abusive comments that I regularly get on my "work" blog...

It's been good to be me, here, as paradoxical as that may seem.

For a brief moment the Tabby was mistaken as a left wing blog, and that was a great honour if not exactly accurate. (The blogger is definitely left wing, but a little too fond of the good life to claim to be a true revolutionary, and too busy and distracted to be able to offer more than an occasional diatribe agin the evil right wing gummint and their dastardly media flunkies.)

Actually having a blog is great practice for learning to compose these little sound bite essays, no bigger than a quick snack.

Keeping the brain alert and alive.

Keeping friends and family amused and informed.

And I've made some lovely new friends.

So many people have now swanned off to Facebook, and beyond that to the intellectual waste land that is Twitter.

But I don't think the Old Girl has had her day yet.

Happy Anniversary to me. And thanks to you for listening.


Julie said...

Happy blog day :-)

homepaddock said...

Many happies on your blog birthday and in the year ahead.

Vanda Symon said...

It's always a pleasure dropping by. Happy Bloggy Birthday.

sas said...

congrats and happy blogiversary!

Mary McCallum said...

Dear PC - I don't have a cat but I love your blog - for its intelligence and its world view and its lovely, insightful bites of life - will keep visiting. Happy Blogday. X

terence said...

yes - happy blogversary!