Saturday, May 8, 2010

A tale of a cat burglar

This week I made the acquaintance of the Cool Cat above, name of "Laddie".

Laddie was posing in such a typical this-cat-owns-the universe fashion, that I, just passing by, stopped to take a photograph. I miss my own dear departed Tabby so much, I take what Tabby flotsam I can pick up on the byways...

Laddie's human servant noticed my interest and struck up a conversation. Apparently Ms Laddie is already famous, and has had her picture in the paper, owing to her habit of stealing women's underwear and bringing it home. She likes groceries too, and regularly swipes fresh bread.

When I got home I Googled "Dunedin cat thief" and I didn't find Laddie. But I found Essie, and I found Roxy, and I found Podge. I also found Mittens, but I lost her again.

It seems that cat thievery is a long honoured tradition in Dunedin.

So endeth the latest instalment of the Tabby news.

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