Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Who do you think are the 10 best women wirters since 1960?

The Women's Bookshop
on Ponsonby Road, Auckland, is again running its FIFTY FIFTY WOMEN survey to select a list of:


50 women writers, 50 years.

That's from 1960 onwards... Hmmm...

Here are the top twelve from the last survey, carried out in 2005.

14,000 NZ readers cast their vote:

1. Margaret Attwood

2. Barbara Kingsolver

3. Annie Proulx

4. Janet Frame

5. Margaret Forster

6. Carol Shields

7. Doris Lessing

8. Keri Hulme

9. Patricia Grace

10. AS Byatt

11= Elizabeth Knox

11= Isabelle Allende

Fiona Kidman and Alice Sebold appeared in the top 30 but could well deserve an even higher spot this time round, and I wouldn't be surprised to see Man Booker prizewinner Hilary Mantel appearing on the list.

It'll be interesting to see where Janet Frame places given that her star is burning more strongly than ever internationally. But will the tall poppy effect kick in back here at home?

If you want to vote, pick up a form from the bookshop, ask them to send you one, or email your top ten (plus the title you think is each writer's best) to the email address on The Women's Bookshop web page.

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