Monday, March 22, 2010

Give us this day our daily meds

My life continues to resemble a plot from the TV drama House, except that I have more doctors on my case. A couple of them are even quirky, and one is impossibly handsome, as though he has just stepped out of filming a daytime soap.

I've been consuming a changing variety of drug cocktails (not a one of them recreational) and the battery of medical tests has been relentless. The last of them is scheduled for this week, so I get the sense we are nearing the end of the House episode.

As the credits roll, I'll be diagnosed, suitably medicated with a wonder drug, and I'll take part in an ambiguous but heartfelt farewell at the hospital's elevator doors. The staff will turn back to do battle with their own demons and engage with their next mystery, and I'll be suitably patched up to go out and face my own challenges.


terence said...

Can definitely relate to the pill tray. Good luck with the results!

The Paradoxical Cat said...

Thanks Terence! I thought of you recently when I was put on a short term course of prednisone, because you've written so well about the mixed feelings concerning 'roids'... for a while I felt so well and relatively pain-free I might have tried surfing too! Fortunately there are plenty of safer alternatives to try out, and I'm optimistic. Hope your move is turning out beneficial :)