Sunday, February 7, 2010

This Jaam's a real honey

A literary magazine not requiring courage to pick up and read.

Some of my favourite writer/bloggers appear in this issue of JAAM: Mary McCallum, Pauline Dawson, Martin Edmond, Tim Jones.

Excellent stuff. But wait there's more!

Plenty of good work in here.


Artandmylife said...

Thanks for the mention. Its a great edition. We must catch up, by the way.

Mary McCallum said...

Thanks for the mention, PC. I saw JAAM in Unity the other day and pondered on its progress in the world - so it's lovely to happen on your post. I agree, guest editor Ingrid Horrocks has done a terrific job on the mag - I love the company I keep there - and isn't the cover glorious?

Mary McCallum said...

hehe - just got the joke about the JAAM being a honey

The Paradoxical Cat said...

Hi aaml, congratulations on your essay - I enjoyed it, and it's great to see your writing in wider venues, though I miss your daily blogging but I guess it would be selfish to hold you back :-) It would be good to catch up and talk about Jerusalem. I'm pretty much a sitting duck, as have been unwell and recovery is slow. Text me. The weather is great at the beach just now.

Mary, your essay was terrific and reads like a short story too. I like the way you and Pauline both play around with genre expectations. xx