Friday, February 5, 2010

Spin Doctors on High Rev

It's always fascinating to see how the right wing PR flunkies in the media will spin the latest clear sign that National's management of New Zealand is Not Working.

The latest sign of course, is the "shock" huge rise in unemployment. Here in Dunedin South we could have told the boffins about this.

But how did the deeply conservative Otago Daily Times manage this terrible news? Ah - by ignoring it of course. On the front page today, we have a picture of a sheep that nobody has shorn recently (a Shrek wannnabe) and a photo of a woman who shoots herself out of a cannon. Nothing about the fact that the jobless rate leapt 18,000 in 3 months.

Perhaps there's a message, buried there?

On page 2, on the inside front cover, there is a headline:

Key plays down jobless

Well, of course he would. But isn't it the job of a journalist, to challenge the obvious attempt to fob off criticism and discussion?

The unemployment rate for Maori is 15.4%, for Pakeha: 4.6%

18.4% of our young people (aged 15 to 24) are unemployed!

Anyone who voted for National (or Act, or for the Maori Party), and who has now lost their job, or who counts among their loved ones someone who is unemployed, may well be considering now, why the Labour Party is called the "Labour" Party.

Because it's the party that advocates for workers, and it's the party that works for workers, and it's the party that works to protect and encourage jobs.

The right wing on the other hand, prefer higher levels of unemployment because then the workers, being on the back foot, will accept lowered wages and conditions, and the profits can then line the pockets of the capitalists. Simple stuff for an old socialist, but clearly there are a lot of ignorant people out there still answering opinion polls based on the lies they are fed daily.

Last week the ODT also ran a story about the huge leaps in jobless figures, and again it wasn't on the front page.
On page 2 of the issue for Tuesday January 26, the headline read:

Jobless increase not expected to last

How comforting! Until one reads the article - or rather reads between the lines - to discover that the actual news was that the number of people in the Southern region of New Zealand on the unemployment benefit had more than doubled in one year!

One would expect the headline might reflect the facts, but no - let's deny it happened and promise it'll be better soon. Otherwise the idiots out there who still admire John Key's sunny smile and his laid-back style, might start realising it's all a sham, and twig at last to the fact that he's the benign face of a regime hellbent on making the poor poorer and the rich richer.

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