Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Smoke and mirrors - and broken promises


Otago Daily Times (10 FEB 2010)

The ODT is at it again with today's prominent front page headline: "Key promises tax cuts for all."

Ah, you might think, that wonderful generous man Mr Key. How we all love him. What a hero!

But hang on a minute: didn't John Key and the National Party already promise tax cuts for all?

When they were campaigning in 2008?

Was the Labour-led government not drummed out of office because they were said to be not offering tax cuts for all? Because the media with almost unanimous voice characterised Labour as an unfairly high-taxing regime?

Well Labour were nothing on the high-taxing GST-raising National/Act/Maori Party Government!!

In fact Labour GAVE everyone a tax cut, which the new National/Act/Maori Party Government took away from those at the lower end of the spectrum!

I personally pay MORE tax since National changed the tax structure after they took office! (Yes I kept the old IRD tables so I can prove it!)

Where were the promised tax cuts for all? Where are they?

That promise was broken, and the only tax cuts given were those at the high end. (And don't forget, it was Labour that gave them!)

And now the promises have further morphed into the nightmare spectre of a raised Goods and Services Tax. So the poor will be further taxed disproportionately through their grocery bills to pay for tax relief for the wealthiest New Zealanders. Those tax rates for the highest earners in NZ are already far lower than Australia's!

And now the Rodney Hide, John Key and Tariana Turia Government has signalled there will be cuts to benefits and tinkering with the much-needed relief offered by Labour's Working For Families.

How the Maori Party will survive this attack on ordinary workers and on beneficiaries I can't imagine, once their constituency realise they've been sold up the river for some flags and a blanket.

I suggest a new headline for the ODT that more accurately describes the John Key/Pita Sharples/Roger Douglas Government's intentions for the NZ economy:

Stealing from the poor
to give to the rich

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