Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A month of Mondays

Towards the end of last year I was thinking ahead to the time of New Year's resolutions, and decided that for 2010 I would resolve to make one day a week meat-free. I had heard about the "Meat Free Mondays" campaign somewhere, and thought, why not?

Actually I'm not a great meat eater anyway, and I already probably had more meat-free days than meat-eating days in any case, but making a special point of choosing a particular day to take a stand - once a week - seemed to be another little relatively painless thing that I could do for the planet. A gesture.

As it turned out, just before Xmas I fell ill with a severe infection that adversely affected my entire digestive system. I have been recovering, but slowly. I've been making baby steps from liquid diet to light diet, and beyond, gradually adding more complex foods as I can tolerate them.

At times I looked at the items in the baby food aisles in supermarkets, and much of the stuff they give babies and children these days seemed far too challenging for me!

So until this week I haven't been able to eat any meat, any day. In fact I've probably had the equivalent of a year's worth of meatless Mondays!

But as I said, I am on the mend, and the other day I tried some meat. Not too much pain and discomfort. OK - phew - another of the hurdles overcome.

It wasn't until later in the day that I suddenly realised. I'd eaten the meat on a Monday.

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