Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Birthday

My calendar tells me that some sections of the Muslim world observe Mohammed's birthday today. A bit of Googling tells me that not all Muslims agree with the practice. I was reminded of the stern lecture I was once given by an elder relative - who belonged to a strict and obscure Christian sect - about the frivolity of celebrating Christmas, and especially Easter.

"Jesus Christ died for our sins and once and once only," she insisted. "There's no need to wallow in reliving it all. Just accept Him as your personal saviour and let youself be born again."

I guess that the remembering and honouring and commemorating of religious and life events is only human though, isn't it? We're not all angels and ritual can be a comforting and uplifting process.

Anyway I didn't want to argue about whether or not it is a good thing for believers to observe the birthday of the Prophet.

I wanted to share something I read recently - that some people like to say that the "M" on the Tabby's forehead is there to remind us of Mohammed's own name, because he loved cats so much.

I knew the Tabby was special!

(There's also a lovely "Islamic legend" about how Mohammed didn't want to disturb his sleeping cat so he cut off the piece of his cloak that the cat was resting on!)

Before I leave the subject of birthdays, I'd like to mention that New Zealand's former Labour Prime Minister Helen Clark is 60 years old today.

Happy Birthday Helen - we miss you!

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