Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bring 3D to Dunedin!

Why not? There's even a spurious Facebook Group started by Hoyts Dunedin promising to instal 3D if enough people sign up.

Anyway I saw Avatar yesterday at Rialto. In 2D because I live in Dunedin. At Rialto because neither of our mainstream cinemas have 3D but at least at Rialto you don't hear the noises from the next door movie like you do at Hoyts.

We will have a Stadium, one day, in Dunedin, but precious little else, including "3D".

Although there was once a fabulous group - ah those were the days - hanging out in Dunedin, called the 3Ds. And they're still out there - on Myspace.

Meanwhile in 3D-less Dunedin, we're hurtling towards bankruptcy so quickly, it's becoming more likely that the Stadium will never be completed. And if it is, all it will be good for is car parking. Or a Farmer's Market.

(Got that joke about the stadium only being good for a Farmer's Market, from an old Simpsons episode I saw the other day. The cliche of a hick small town with incompetent and desperate city fathers scraping to build monuments in order to "make something" of their community, while the actual team and audience are fading into obscurity, if non-existent, has been a hoary chestnut everywhere else in the world, for a long long time. So it goes like this: the old boys hell-bent on a stadium construction contrary to all rational advice, actually drain all city resources, and destroy the current infrastructure. The town becomes a slum. This is so well known there was even a Simpson's episode featuring it. All the Springfield Stadium was good for, was for the Farmers markets. D'oh!)

Anyways, so, Avatar? How was it? Agreeable nonsense. Overlong but entertaining and perfectly escapist. It fit the bill for the day I was having, the "my cup is not only half empty but it also has a crack in it". Today I'm back to being Pollyanna. Ish.


Kilmog Press said...

yep, I've heard so many radio reviews of this film, and yes, most of them say 3D is essential to the experience - I can't believe Dunedin isn't providing this - the only time when the gimmickry of 3D actually appealed to me!

The Paradoxical Cat said...

yeah, same, apparently the little floaty thistledown-things look even prettier in 3D.

On the upside, nobody in the Dunedin theatre was puking. :-)

The Crow said...

Dunedin sounds like paradise to me.
If you want 3D, go outside and walk around in the world.
But I am biased. I live in a Canadian forest. My whole life is 3D :)
Nice to meet you.