Friday, January 22, 2010

The Lump

As if there wasn't enough trouble this year so far, recently a Lump came to Light. My doctor sent me to a specialist at the hospital and the consultation followed swiftly.

As I'm no spring chicken, this whole Lump thing has happened several times before for me. It's a brush with mortality, and as I'd already had one of those recently it did seem a little extreme to be going through it on another battle front. The finding of the Lump, in the past, took place with various degrees of urgency, and alarm. One tries to stay positive, and it's difficult to decide who to tell, before knowing if it's a false alarm or not. Usually I keep it quiet, and that has proved useful since so far the strike rate for the big C is pretty poor. But I've had the rehearsals: I've been through the different examinations - from an expert eye cast on the offending Lump, and a scoffing and reassuring "Nah that's just an X/Y/Z", to an urgent MRI scan, or a needle biopsy with technician standing by to examine the tissue, and a surgeon with an operating theatre ready...

Every time so far the eventual or immediate result has been "not malignant". Lucky me!

Now and then the Lump has been cut out anyway. This one is on the waiting list and I have received a letter to say it has been Funded. More good luck!

The current Lump, again, is Not Cancer. Bloody Hell, another escape. Yay.

And you may notice I didn't blog the Lump until it was rendered innocuous. Would I have blogged it now if it had been malignant? Probably not.

But I might have been forced to Facebook it and rally the troops.

Never mind the Lump. I thank my lucky stars I've been spared having to resort to Facebook to get support.


Mary McCallum said...

I'm sorry for your Lump, but very glad it is only that. Good luck with the procedure PC.

The Paradoxical Cat said...

Thanks Mary, and Happy New Year! xx

lmrb said...

When I saw the photo of your hand and the catheter I wanted to say something. A lump is not a friendly piece of news, Not Cancer is brilliant news!

I had two visits to emergency in 2008, then major surgery – nothing life threatening, though when the nurse in emergency said oncologist and quickly corrected herself with gynaecologist I freaked. The shadow was a massive infection following a delay in emergency earlier in the year for an appendectomy (thanks third world NSW health, I had hoped you’d taken out ALL the abscess).

All is well, and it will be with you. Knocks you around in every way doesn’t it. So take your time, sit back and get well. Power of thought is great – tell the intruder to bugger off.

The Paradoxical Cat said...

Thanks so much for that positive message lmrb. :-)

terence said...

I'm with Mary and lmrb:

Sorry to hear of the lump but very happy to hear it's not cancerous. :)