Monday, January 18, 2010

The devil made them do it.

According to opinion polls:

More Americans believe in angels than believe in Darwin's theory of evolution.

More Americans believe in the devil than believe in human-influenced climate change.

That's incredible!

Global warming runs about neck-and-neck with UFOs. Those flying saucers must have a hell of a carbon footprint.


Zencherry said...

I must say that I really enjoy your blog.
It does, however, bring into my mind the shining disappointment mine is in terms of any meat-for the-mind sort of worth. I consider though, in a moment of shrug, the fact that mine is a blog about a dog so I forgive myself and go back to enjoying yours.

The Paradoxical Cat said...

Hehe - hi Zencherry, i love your name - Zen is something i have tried to learn about and cherries are my absolute favourite fruit.

But you're right - can cat people and dog people ever have a "meating" of minds? The dog wags his tail when he is friendly and the cat swishes her tail when she is annoyed - will they ever be able to communicate across such a cultural divide??