Monday, January 25, 2010

Able was I ere I saw albatrosses

On Saturday - a beautiful day after about a week of fog - I visited the Royal Albatross Colony at the very end of the Otago peninsula. (I now live less than 10k away from it, but it has taken several months for me to make the pilgrimage!)

As always there was a wind blowing and the magnificent birds with their impossibly long wings were soaring high above the lighthouse and giving a great display to the many visitors. (The colony, being so close to Dunedin City, is a huge tourist attraction.)

But there was dark side to the visit, concerning a terrible kind of junk food the albatrosses have been eating.

This picture above was part of the display at the centre - shocking - it is of the 272 pieces of plastic that were found inside a dead albatross chick at Dunedin.

Bottle tops and all sorts of lumps of plastic.

And the actual pieces of plastic are also on display, attractively set out.

What are we doing to the birds? To ourselves? To our planet?

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Claire Beynon said...

'Tis shocking and shameful indeed, PC.

As are the stats about plastic in The Daily Telegraph article - 6 kgs per 1 kg of animal life in the 'Northern Pacific garbage patch'.

Makes one shudder.

(How are you feeling? Are you back to full health? Hope so... ) L, C