Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Breakfast Meetings

I've done it myself. Sigh. Mea culpa. Had an important meeting in a cafe. Things got heated, or enthusiastic, voices raised, important issues just had to be spelled out... several people spoke at once or vied for the floor. Time was short, somebody had a plane to catch. The fact that there are other patrons in the cafe, and that they might be of the opinion that you're all being over-loud blow-hards, just doesn't enter your head.

But what are the odds - the particular meeting I recently overheard was on a topic dear to my heart, one that I've been making private and public representations about, and devoting considerable time and effort on. (Not here, darlings!) How very useful...

Starfish Cafe & Bar St Clair Beach Dunedin
(Friendly Staff, Great Location)

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