Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Abducted by Aliens


I found myself in a large brightly-lit place surrounded by smocked and masked creatures speaking unintelligible languages. There were other captive humans in what I assumed to be the alien spaceship hovering over this planet, cloaked from view. The other abductees were lying, like I was, on high bare tables, with tubes and wires connecting us to machines draining and inserting various fluids. The white-clad aliens moved amongst us, standing over us, turning their heads to each other seemingly discussing our strange anatomies. We couldn't really see what they looked like, although some of them were wearing different coloured spacesuits - some were light blue, and some were green, most were white, and I think the ones wearing black were the high status ones who were rarely seen but gave the orders. I can confirm that much of what you've ever heard about being abducted by aliens is actually true: they do have a predilection for anal probes. They also take samples of body tissue, drain off vials of our blood, and experiment on us by injecting various compounds into our systems and observing the reactions. In some cases they remove whole organs or limbs. It seems they were shielded radioactive beings able to look deep inside human bodies to observe our workings. At times I was in very great pain and at other times I was in a dream-like drug-like state. Days passed, I think. It was hard to tell the day from the night.

At times when the aliens weren't around I was able to compare notes with the other captives and many of us had the same story: we were just carrying out our normal lives when suddenly we saw a bright flashing light, heard a loud high-pitched noise, and some sort of swift vehicle or mechanism teleported us to that shiny bright glowing place.

However although I was very afraid for a while, those aliens did turn out to be benevolent, evidently coming from a more highly evolved species than ours, and they quickly taught me an elementary version of their foreign tongue. They identified a medical problem I didn't know I had, and offered me some of their advanced treatments for it.

When they had finished their investigation and documentation, they delivered me back today to near the spot from whence they had suddenly spirited me away. Almost a week had passed. It seems unreal, and now I am wondering if it ever happened at all. But I do know that I missed out on Christmas Dinner!

Also: I feel battered, sore and hungry. I have lost weight. I have bruises and needle marks in strange corners of my body, and there is still what I assume to be an identification tag attached to my arm. I keep finding little sticky pieces of a gum-like compound on my skin.

Recovering at home now.

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sas said...

bloody hell! that sounds awful. i trust your stack of unread reads will be of some comfort?
sending healing and energetic thoughts xxx