Saturday, November 21, 2009

Witty Repartee

Professor Witi Ihimaera's new novel has created such a stir in academic and publishing circles, that it's rumoured his name has been put forward for Australia's notorious Ern Malley Fellowship, the nomination for which is available only to those authors who have attracted massive public controversy and who have polarised opinion, and who have even had their "case" discussed on talkback radio.

Some of the discussions on bulletin boards etc have got a bit feral actually, and all I can say is, may the saints preserve all of us from falling foul of the feeding frenzy when the masses get their knickers in a twist...

If you will kindly forgive my mixed metaphor, which I freely admit is a crime all too common.


maps said...

Except that Ern Malley's poems are brilliant!

Anonymous said...

... and Ern Malley was a 'created' modernist, who didn't in fact exist.

The Paradoxical Cat said...

Thanks for that clarification, Anonymous, without which the attempt at satire really does fall flat.

Can I add that the eponymous "Ern Malley Fellowship" doesn't exist either (to my knowledge), although it doesn't seem a bad idea to have an award like that, for those writers who (whether they exist ot not) find themselves under sustained public attack for some real or imagined crime.

And yes Maps the paradox about Ern Malley was that even hough he was a hoax, damn he could write well! You could say he was greater than the sum of his parts. Like all true art, perhaps?