Monday, November 30, 2009

St Andrew's Day

I wouldn't have known this, except that at lunchtime in South Dunedin I stumbled upon a fervent St Andrew's Day celebration, complete with kilts and bagpipes.

Many of my genes are from Scotland and my family kept many of their traditions alive. Hearing the bagpipes always makes me weep both for the belonging and for the loss and just because I love the sound.

From "In Bulgaria, St Andrew’s Day is known as Edrei (Bear’s Day). The story goes that St Andrew complained to God that he had no feast day, so God told him that any man who did not celebrate St Andrew’s Day would have to carry his own horse! In olden times housewives would throw boiled corn onto the fire to stop the bears ruining their crops. One legend records that an evil stepmother was punished by having her daughter turned into a bear."

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