Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Shipping News

The cruise ship season has begun in Dunedin. Thanks to my friend Mary, I now have a detailed list of the cruise ships that are scheduled to visit Port Chalmers this summer. We can both look out of our windows on different sides of the harbour and watch as the big ships sail by. Some of them look like apartment buildings and house as many people.

There is much excitement among the retailers of Dunedin at the prospect of each brief influx of thousands of (assumedly) rich tourists.

If the weather conditions are right, we can hear the officious shipboard loudspeaker broadcasting the day's instructions, from our front yard. We could certainly hear the farewell blasts of the ship's horn yesterday, as the Sun Princess steamed out of port.

Photo: The Sun Princess chugs past Aramoana Spit on the way towards the narrow entrance to Otago Harbour. 18.11.2009

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