Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Poetry PR

Last Monday: a crowd gathers by a blank black billboard, sheltering out of the brisk wind that is whistling up a Dunedin alleyway.

Former NZ Poet Laureate Michele Leggott made a flying visit to Dunedin to 'officiate' at the launch of the latest set of Phantom Poetry Posters

Poems were performed and posters were pasted up.

Current Robert Burns Fellow Michael Harlow hams it up for the paparazzi

Escaping out of the howling gale, the poets and friends repair to Circadian Rhythm for more impromptu poetry

Poem by Sandra Bell on a Phantom Poster, Door of Circadian Rhythm Cafe, Dunedin, November 2009

There was some good coverage in the media for this street poetry campaign - the Otago Daily Times gave the event space on their front page, and local rag D-Scene ran some photos of the performers and crowd in their social pages.

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Mary McCallum said...

fantastic record of the event, PC, thank you for that - and I love your spoonbills