Monday, November 9, 2009

Off the Map

But not for much longer.

The little holiday cottage I have recently moved to is located in an area that is literally "off the map": it does not feature on any road maps I have looked at. (It's probably on marine charts, given that we're at the very edge of the water!)

It certainly wasn't on Google, or anywhere else on the net for that matter, as far as I could tell.

But Google are on to it. Last week I saw the Google Camera Car driving around a small settlement perilously close to my own previously relatively unmapped vicinity.

Today I saw the car again, parked in the city, and managed to catch a snap. Gotcha!

UPDATE: Google are well on their way to their goal of World Domination. My house is on the Google satellite map now, the roof shining in the sun (I swear I couldn't find it on Google maps six weeks ago when I first moved there), and as we know, street view can't be far away!


maps said...

I assume it's on a topo map though?
Where is it, if you don't mind me asking?

The Paradoxical Cat said...

Hi Maps - yes I'm intending to acquire a topographical map as I too assume it will be there.

I prefer not to say exactly where I am - but the location is near the end of the Otago Peninsula, and any books of street, road and touring maps that I have looked at, don't have detailed maps that extend past Portobello. If the territory beyond Portobello is represented, it seems to be for tourism purposes only, and there's a skeleton map of the various tourist roads to albatrosses and penguins, but not the specifics of the few small settlements or localities. There's a lot of "Maori land" here and many holiday houses are leasehold - not sure about mine yet as I'm only renting it.

The Google car seemed to be working its way along the populous semi-suburban bays closer to town - Broad Bay, Macandrew Bay.

The Paradoxical Cat said...

OK now I have found there is a Google satellite map of the end of the Otago Peninsula. I couldn't find it last time I looked, which doesn't mean it wasn't there, of course. Google's path to World Domination must clearly tread in every far flung corner!

I look forward to spotting the albatrosses in the street view.

The Paradoxical Cat said...

Another Update: There is now quite a bit of Street View around the Peninsula - but so far, the Google Car has sailed past the road I live on, much as the hard copy mappers have in the past...