Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cargo Cult

The waiting was over last night for devotees of Dunedin crime writer Vanda Symon. She launched her latest Sam Shephard novel Containment at the University Book Shop (or UBS as we all lovingly refer to it). There was a good gathering and the usual yummy catering the UBS is known for, with the addition of an extra-special treat - Toffee Pops! The bowl of toffee pops pictured above was replenished a few times but totally empty by the end of the evening.

There were quite a few blogs and web sites among the crowd, metonymically speaking, and it's always fun and strangely amusing to meet up in the flesh - there's something almost trangressional about the pleasure of fellow bloggers having materialised in the same location in space and time. And it's always exciting to meet someone whose blog you read and enjoy. When I introduced one fellow blogger to another one, using their real names not their blog names, the first exclaimed "Oh - but aren't you Art and My Life?!" Teehee, yes.

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Vanda Symon said...

I had such a great night, PC, and it was great to celebrate Containment's launch amongst family, friends, fellow bloggers and book fanatics!