Monday, October 12, 2009

Science Fiction Poetry in Dunedin

It's either a feast or a famine around here, and it's been a feast lately for Dunedin poetry lovers. The legendary Circadian Rhythm on Thursday night this week will host Dunedin's fourth poetry bonanza in just over one week.

This time the theme is science fiction. And there'll be an open mike session so byo spooky alien martian robot killer space plague verse. Or something more esoteric, if you have it.

I'm disappointed that I will be away from home base this week so will unfortunately miss this performance (and the one on Wednesday night at the Public Library). Have fun!

There is more info about this movable feast, this science fiction poetry road show, on Tim Jones' blog Books in the Trees. He has listed the dates of other performances around NZ, and the readers on the 'Voyagers Book Tour', here.

is an anthology of NZ science fiction poetry edited by Mark Pirie and Tim Jones. Go out and buy a copy everyone so they have to do a sequel and we can make suggestions about some more great NZ poems they overlooked.

I'll be undertaking my own road trip (yippee!), mostly at opposite ends of the country, but with a bit of luck I might make one of the North Island Voyager performances.

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Tim Jones said...

Thanks for the great publicity! Both the Dunedin events went well, and one of the things I enjoyed most were the new SF poems debuted during the open mikes at each event. If we got permission to include all the poems we wanted to but couldn't in Voyagers, and added some of these great new poems, maybe we would have a second collection on our hands!