Monday, October 26, 2009


A reminder that at this time of year we should drive carefully, as duck families are out walking their young, and our roads and streets intrude upon their traditional promenading grounds. I snapped this sign at Hawera in Taranaki last week.

Yesterday, home at last, and I'd missed the view out over the bay, I sat all afternoon and watched (through binoculars) a mother and father duck and their six babies go walking far out on the sandflats, at dead low tide, but it was a harrowing business. There was some sort of skirmish way out at the water's edge, with a large winged predator - a skua I guess - and a brave defence from one of the ducks. By the time the family returned close enough for me to count all the ducklings, there didn't seem to be any missing, but Father Duck was limping badly...

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Anonymous said...

You and your lame ducks!