Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Cloud Appreciation Society

I found two glorious books this week that have emerged from or owe a debt to the huge database of wonderful clouds and information about clouds, held by The Cloud Appreciation Society. Fantastic!
Found them in a most excellent bookshop in Whanganui by the name of
Paige's Book Gallery
Books, Stationery, Newsagents
68b Guyton Street, Whanganui
New Zealand
06 348 9095

One of the great joys of travelling around is the discovery of indispensable independent bookshops holding firm against the tide of pap and commercialism that has overwhelmed so many of the mainstream stores.


Claire Beynon said...

Thanks for drawing attention to these books, PC - clouds are def. forms to be exclaimed over. I love how they're liquid, solid and vapour all at once. And they're temperamental as anything - defiant, moody, frivolous, foreboding, titillating; you name it, they've been there/done it. Wishing you good times up on the N, Is. L, C

Vanda Symon said...

I love Paige's book shop. It's like a little treasure trove. Found wonderful books there for the kids too.

I have the Cloud Spotters book, but may have to acquire the other too.