Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Geometry of Dunedin Poetry

Standing room only at Circadian Rhythm for the poetry night.

Sue Wootton featured on the first night of the season.

Dunedin's fortnightly poetry reading in the 2009 season of Octagon Poetry, was held last night at Circadian Rhythm. It was the second of the series and, like the first, attracted a good crowd.

The Octagon Poets and the members of their audience filter themselves not into an Octagon but into an Oblong: the long, thin venue presents all sorts of challenges for poetry performances, but nobody ever seems to mind. There's always a good atmosphere.

Anyway poets are used to being the round peg in the square hole (or is that vice versa?)

Next featured poet is CLAIRE BEYNON with MC Martha Morseth, on September 23rd, 8pm.

See the poster for the complete season here.

Am not offering a review, because I don't think an event like this needs to be justified. There's always at least one good poet featured, and open mike gives voice to many more (granted there are a very few excruciating moments sometimes, but as long as each turn is kept short there's no harm done to any one, and this crowd is a very welcoming and tolerant one.)

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Tim Jones said...

Good to see Circadian Rhythm: I expect to be part of a reading there next month as part of Interactive Publications' tour for the "Voyagers" anthology - see The Voyagers Book Tour of New Zealand