Friday, September 25, 2009

Drinking Liberally Dunedin

Yesterday I received my invite to the next Dunedin meeting of DRINKING LIBERALLY:

Tuesday September 29th,
7 PM,
Circadian Rhythm.

This week we are Drinking Eco-Socially!

Green MP Sue Bradford

will be here to speak about her past involvement in grassroots activism,
its effectiveness, and the need for more of it NOW!

Come armed with the energy, passion, and courage to do something!

And of course bring questions for one of New Zealand's
most socially active and courageous politicians.

Indeed. It was great to hear that Sue was coming to Dunedin. She is one of my heroes.

But today the news comes, that Sue Bradford has resigned from Parliament, effective at the end of next month. She's been disillusioned because of being passed over for the Green co-leadership.

I applaud her choice. Who can blame her for wanting out? From a left wing perspective there's been far too much cosying up to the right wing from the Blue-Greens.

There'll be a lot of disillusioned citizens too, who will be looking for a new home for their vote...

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