Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Art in Christchurch

Echo by Neil Dawson, Christchurch Arts Centre

Ronnie van Hout Colouring-in Book

@ Alchemy Bar, Christchurch Art Gallery


Can't decide which I liked better of the RONNIE VAN HOUT at the new Christchurch Art Gallery, or the Snare/Mahanga at the old Art Gallery (round the back of the Canterbury Museum).

But it's not a competition, fortunately - and both exhibitions are indispensible. The Ronnie van Hout one is very funny, and oh of course (cough) thought-provoking (tee hee).

The art inspired by the extinct bird specimens held at the Canterbury Museum is heartbreaking - especially the rows of dead-and-gone but oh-so-lovely huia.

Highlights: Neil Pardington's brilliant exposition of a cabinet of stuffed birds.

Fiona Pardington's haunting hooked beak huia.

Peter Madden's tragic huia skins cabinets.

Bill Hammond's Shag Pile for a double pun.

Hannah and Aaron Beehre's Dark Aviary: a sinister and a sacred tribute to extinct species.

And the gorgeous golden kakapo...

Oh, and there's a Ronnie van Hout there with the birds too!


sas said...

I can conjure the feeling of the crisp spring chirstchurch day from your photos. Lovely!

The Paradoxical Cat said...

It was indeed a magnificent weekend!

(As I speak, the ice and snow are back... aaargh)