Friday, August 7, 2009

The Madonna in the Suitcase

The Book Reading for this week (beginning 3 August 2009) on National Radio, has been from The Madonna in the Suitcase, by Huberta Hellendoorn.

The book was adapted and read for radio by Huberta Hellendoorn herself, from her self-published book of the same name.

The Radio NZ web site says the book is about: the challenges and rewards a Dutch New Zealand family experience in caring for a daughter with Downs Syndrome. Miriam thrives in the loving family home and defies expectations by earning recognition and respect as a painter.

Huberta is a well-cherished member of several Dunedin communities (as was obvious at the standing-room-only launch of this book earlier this year), active in the Society of Authors, and it's been lovely to hear her voice telling this important story with its original and fresh perspective, and admirably, she manages to relate her experiences without sentimentality.

There are reviews of the launch and the book at Claire Beynon's blog, and at Vanda Symon's blog.

I've been looking for the link to the podcast but it looks like there's no downloadable file.

If it sounds like a book you need to read, and it does come highly recommended, you can email

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