Wednesday, August 12, 2009

From the dream journal

Listen to this, I said to Schroedinger. It's a dream I wrote down in my writing notebook about a year ago:

Dream of winter.
There was a big orange cat with a paw the size of a grapefruit.

Nothing was anything I knew.
It was a strange snowy place - a house deep in the woods on a hill.
I had fled to avoid the bombs.
I was anxious that we had fled too far from the bomb near our city & had positioned ourselves too near the bomb of the neighbouring city.
But no I was assured it was OK.
We saw the flashes and felt safely distant.
We had arrived by river,
icy river.

Then some strangers came & seemed harmless,
but one man suddenly swallowed some powder & a cup of water
& spat it all over us. We would be dead soon. It was radioactive
(like the Russian poison), we were also dangerous to
anyone we got near.

I was particularly worried about the large marmalade cat.
I fed it a pot of meat. It seemed to have an appetite.

"That's very interesting," said Schroedinger, "and it has all come true, too!"

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