Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dunedin Poets Live!

At last - one of the things that makes living in Dunedin worthwhile after all, despite the bully boy council, and the tiresome old boys network with its stifling incestuous stranglehold on almost any aspect of life and culture that you can think of... Grrr. (Did I mention the weather?)

Forget all that and come and hear the poets, drink some beer and eat yummy Indian food.

Tomorrow night, SUE WOOTTON is the headline poet, and always worth hearing.


sas said...

i remember from uni days the arc cafe and also govenors had poetry readings - spometimes spontaneous.
I just found a load of old copies of 'Critic' with my poems on the back page!
I can still remember the smell of the dundas st flat most were written in...

lmrb said...

Bully boy councils are nothing new. In the 1970s, a student with hippy beard and clothes stood for election. Can't remember his name, used to live on Harbour Terrace in a house called Gethsemane. He didn't make it into the chambers, though my lovely Mum voted for him. I was so proud when she told me, my father twitched a bit. The stadium episode has put me off returning to live/retire in Dunedin - still pulled by its accessible and vibrant cultural life. Five mins and you are there. In Sydney it can be 90 mins and you're still not there.

maps said...

The Octagon Readings are a credit to Dunedin, and to New Zealand.
Splendid to see that Guedea is reading on the 7th. I understand he is using the occasion to launch his new Titus Books volume Free Fall in Dunedin?

I blogged about the upcoming Auckland launch of the book here: