Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Parking Problems

The farce of the monument-building Dunedin City Council continues.

I join the chorus of protesters who predict that this particular council - with both elected members and employed staff at the helm of the sinking ship - will be remembered for its arrogance and incompetence long beyond the time the Forsyth Barr Old Boy White Elephant Stadium is a rusting hulk gently lapped by the rising high tide level of Dunedin Harbour.

The current civic fiasco concerns a mismanaged introduction of a stupid and greedy parking regime. "Designed by Experts" - Yeah Right. It turns out the parking changes were designed by staff members (and implemented by experts).

It's hard to say who has been disadvantaged most - the people with disabilities, the businesses that have lost a significant portion of their trade, or just the average citizen shocked to discover their five minute parks have largely disappeared, and that much of the inner city parking is now more expensive than CBD Auckland parking.

I guess the city and regional councils have to pay for the spectacularly unwanted and unnecessary super-stadium somehow, and recent huge hikes in parking and bus fares, and rates, are part of their strategy to use public money to bankroll a private sports arena for their bankrupt cronies in the minority-interest sport of rugby, that even in Christchurch cannot attract a full house for a major international game.

Meanwhile as the stadium is hammered into place, the rest of the city languishes and its services and public amenities suffer.


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